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It is important that we can support you appropriately, so you will be guided towards choosing a research topic which is relevant to your discipline and in which your lecturers have expertise. The outcome may take the form of a written dissertation or a practical outcome with accompanying reflective, critical and contextual material. The main consideration when choosing your topic is that it must be relevant to your programme and you should consider the relevance of this topic to your future academic or professional development. The current review focused on universal effects on the group level, whilst the elaboration of moderators was not an objective.

  • According to Kreutzmann and colleagues, dance choreography also creates an interdependency among participants which may foster these social variables .
  • McCarthy and colleagues note that the former is rarely considered in the literature.
  • Other pathways involving motivational learning processes have been suggested with respect to collaborative learning in the arts (e.g., Vygotsky, 1977).
  • No effect sizes could be extracted for the non-significant effects on the creativity dimensions of fluency, flexibility and elaboration.
  • You are encouraged to consider taking the Reflecting on Educational Practices as your optional module, thereby gaining skills which can be helpful in finding employment following the course.

Discrepancies between the two reviewers were resolved through discussion, leading to full agreement on the inclusion and exclusion of articles based on the pre-defined criteria. Köksal Akyol reported no experimental effects on intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence measures. In fact, effect sizes calculated from the data provided in the article suggest a small effect on interpersonal intelligence in the opposite direction as expected. Three studies conducted by Walsh-Bowers and colleagues (Walsh-Bowers, 1992; Walsh-Bowers and Basso, 1999) assessing social skill development in adolescents in a drama program showed mixed results. There were generally no effects on self-rating scales of confidence in social situations, except for one small effect on self-rated cooperation (Walsh-Bowers and Basso, 1999; Study 1).


Innovative community of experienced and aspiring art educators, welcoming those willing to critique current practices to ask not only how we should teach art, but also how art can teach us. However, by screening previous reviews and additional publications by the authors of included papers, potential bias due to the search strategy was minimized as much as possible. They aim to drive greater access, continuous improvement & innovation in the field of cultural and creative education. We are an Arts Award centre,inspiring young people to grow their arts and leadership talents and gain a qualification which is creative, valuable and accessible. Wave is offering member schools a special opportunity to make a film about your school, with professional filmmakers. This year, Wave is offering member schools a special opportunity to make a film about your school, with professional filmmakers.

I am sure that covid has highlighted the role that Arts play in our personal wellbeing and feeling good certainly puts you in the frame of mind to learn better and more. Arts in the working environment shared and enjoyed by teams I am sure leads to better outcomes. It is also important to acknowledge the role the arts play for adult learners of all ages. As a scientist and educator I studied textiles when I retired and now exhibit around the world. Taught jointly by the Departments of Anthropology and Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies, this MA offers a stimulating synthesis of theory and practice.

We offer further information on the financial support available for postgraduate study. You may also be able to take advantage of government-backed loans of up to £11,570 for postgraduate study. All students can sign up to the online learning language platform for free through the Graduate+ scheme. However, you can borrow a laptop from the university or use one of our shared computer rooms. The University has put in place measures in response to Covid-19 to allow us to safely deliver our courses.

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These have been devised to appropriately assess the range of learning outcomes and are underpinned by the ethos of the programme these include, exhibition/presentation/performance, essay, viva voce. ‘Arts can play a hugely important role in children and young people’s education and development, and can shape who they grow up to be. ‘When we talk about drama for young people, we’re looking at the development of the brain,’ he says.

Engagement between the practice and research communities can lead to mutual learning and better designed activities, but practitioners can feel intimidated in the unfamiliar milieu of research. It’s important to know that the purpose is to assess your understanding of the arts in education rather than your artistic ability or talent in individual arts. The course provides you with opportunities for formative feedback that will support your development and understanding informally before you complete the formal assessments that count towards your final mark. Our degree in Arts in Education explores how the arts affect our lives and considers how they affect educational opportunities. The course involves both practical and academic study and includes the opportunity to work with leading arts organisations. Daisi’s vision is for artistic and cultural experience to be at the heart of young people’s lives and learning.

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