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Various Business Ideas in the Field of Art
Various Business Ideas in the Field of Art

Business- Finding a job is not easy, especially during the current pandemic. So, the solution is to do work that matches your skills, hobbies, or talents. Or it could be by doing business through some of the following business ideas in the field of art which can generate profits far greater than your income in the office.

Graphic Design

There are lots of jobs that you can take when doing a graphic design business. Examples are making poster designs, banners, to shirt designs. You just need to master the ability to design and collect all your digital assets. Then you can immediately start selling and introduce to the public your business.

Digital Painting

You don’t have to bother preparing canvases, frames, and other painting tools. You only need a laptop that has various drawing applications installed and then you can get big benefits. Then, you can directly offer your services as outlined in the form of a digital canvas. To know more about computers you can visit this site ntt-infolead

Canvas Painting

What if I don’t have expertise in digital painting yet? Then you can start doing a perfunctory business in a simple way. You just have to prepare your frame, paper, and painting tools. This one business is guaranteed to be able to increase your savings coffers.

Custom Airbrushing Interior and Exterior

If you like to draw or paint on walls, then you can take advantage of your ability to do custom airbrushing business. You can make it two-dimensional or three-dimensional which is able to give the impression that it arises when viewed from a distance.

Make-up Artist (MUA)

The make-up business is still very popular in the Indonesian market. There are so many women who need makeup services for various events, such as weddings, invitations, graduations, to fianc├ęs. If your skills already feel good enough and are very feasible to be applied to others, then do this business.

Painting Tattoos

The tattoo business is considered bold and unusual in the market. Not everyone has the ability to draw and make tattoos, and the medium is the human body, not canvas. The slightest error cannot be tolerated because the ink on the small needle that enters the skin layer cannot be removed again.

Painting Exhibition (Art Dealer)

Art dealers are those who have the ability to create exhibitions of paintings and are able to wrap them in interesting concepts. You need a lot of capital to rent a place in a strategic location, then collect various works of art from professional artists. The capital required to run this business is large, but the benefits obtained are also extraordinary.


Pottery can be a great way to increase your profits, such as by making pottery wrapped with unique carvings and various sizes. The most important thing is that you are willing to put in the effort, and passion, and believe that your art will be liked by many people.

Art Teacher

If you are an expert at playing the piano, or painting, then you can open your own art classes. You can take art classes such as singing, painting, dancing, or playing a musical instrument. You just need to adapt it to your skills and be prepared to follow the teaching curriculum.

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