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University of arts: The 6 Best Design Universities in Australia
University of arts: The 6 Best Design Universities in Australia

In arts University what major would you like to study? If you are looking for the best design universities to study in Australia, you can read the following 6 recommendations.

Design students should know that in Australia there are many universities that offer design majors with the best quality learning systems. Then, the design department also has a good concentration on student careers in the future.

So, if you want to study design in Australia, which campus is better? Here is the best arts university in Australia for you.

1. RMIT University

Worldwide, RMIT University is ranked 15th as the best campus in the art and design category according to the QS World University Rankings 2021. In fact, RMIT University is also the number 1 campus in Australia, you know!

On offer at RMIT University is a design major at the School of Arts which is also in partnership with the Hong Kong Art School. Students will experience the experience of studying with Adobe in creating designs and creativity with User Experience (UX) using the latest Adobe XD design technology.

2. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

The University of Technology Sydney has managed to rank 23 in the world according to the QS World University Rankings for the Art and Design category. So, students majoring in design will undertake creative and experimental model learning with the role that design can play in social, political, and cultural realities.

3. The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

4th best campus in Australia is the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Design Department. There are 6 specializations in this department, such as design, media arts, and studio practice. Many degrees in art theory attract students, are you one of them?

4. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is ranked 5th in Australia for art and design. In another word, the university is also in the top 50 in the world based on the QS World University Rankings. The University of Melbourne offers a bachelor of design degree with a study time of 3 years.

The University of Melbourne has created a career-focused design department, focusing on landscape architecture and spatial systems. Then, in the first year of study, students will receive material on new basic design concepts or skills to help them prepare for real-life work in the industry.

5. University of Queensland (UQ)

The University of Queensland is in the top 2% of the world, ranked in the top 50 according to the QS World University Rankings 2022. Then, this public university located in Brisbane is part of the Go8 (Group of Eight Universities in Australia).

From this major, you can choose a concentration for career paths, such as anthropology, buildings and the environment, innovation and entrepreneurship, or media and digital culture.

6. JMC Academy

JMC Academy is the first private university in the world to be recognized in digital television, audio engineering, and digital multimedia. Study programs such as film & tv production, songwriting, music, digital design, 3D animation, game design, entertainment, and business management.

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