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Through years of volunteering Tony has brought his skills and entrepreneurial flair to a breath of arts organisations that have benefited from time, commitment and passion. In 2009, Samsung and the British Museum agreed a five year partnership to offer innovative digital learning to schools and families within the British Museum. The Samsung Digital Discovery Centre now offers the most extensive on-site digital learning of any UK museum, attracting over 40,000 participants in the first four years. Develop a range of subject specific, academic and transferable skills, including high order conceptual and visual literacy and communication skills of value in graduate employment. Engage critically with theoretical perspectives, major debates, and intellectual paradigms in the fields of art history, visual culture and arts criticism, and to encourage comparative reflection on the shared and contested knowledge produced therein.

  • After you’ve accepted your offer to study at York, we’ll confirm which pre-sessional course you should apply to via
  • They launched the University of Exeter / University of South Florida Research Catalyst Fund to provide grants to support joint research initiatives between the two institutions.
  • As part of the programme, we organise visits and discussions at some of the most influential art establishments in the UK.
  • This course includes project work that requires you to develop and produce a portfolio or collection.

Whether it’s emerging talent or big-name artists such as Shantell Martin, Felipe Pantone, or Barry McGee, Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters could double as an art gallery straight out of any of the world’s most important creative capitals. (One street artist even lucked out to the tune of $200 million having accepted shares in the fledgling social network over a cash payment.) And it’s about more than just style. Bachelor degrees from Somalia are not considered for direct entry to our postgraduate taught programmes. Holders of Bachelor degrees from Somali National University can be considered for our Pre-Masters programmes on a case by case basis.

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Engage imaginatively in the process of understanding and analysing contemporary international arts, and acquire the analytical tools necessary for an understanding of them. Her partnerships for collaborative projects include international organisations – the Public Art Fund in New York, the Institute for Public Art, and the Design Panel for the International Association of Public Transport. The purpose of this module is to provide you with an overview and ‘mapping’ of the creative and cultural industries, in order to locate appropriate areas of progression for your future career aims and to introduce you to relevant management structures and systems. The philosophy of the course embraces entrepreneurialism, curiosity, innovation and a responsive and flexible approach to current opportunities and challenges in the employment landscape. Fostering inclusive and ethical working practices will be fundamental, considering how ‘good’ creative work can benefit individuals, their communities and the planet. Building confidence and a repertoire of flexible, responsive, adaptable and transferable skills will help to future-proof your careers.

This may include preparation for classes, follow-up work, wider reading, practice completion of assessment tasks, or revision. Provides a package of financial and industry support to welcome talented UK undergraduates from Black, Asian, Gypsy, Traveller and ethnically diverse backgrounds to our creative community. The level of fee that you will be asked to pay depends on whether you’re classed as a UK or international student.Check your fee status. From digital innovation to media arts York is a meeting point for creativity and ideas. We are also home to the Creative Media Labs, a nationally-funded project to develop screen industries, run in association with Screen Yorkshire and the British Film Institute. They offer incentives to new and returning business sponsors in order to grow the range of businesses engaging with the arts on a regular basis.

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Non-law graduates may also be considered on the basis of exceptional professional experience in a legal area or an area directly related to their programme of study. Particular regard will be had to successful completion by the applicant of any certificate or diploma course or courses offered by IAL and professional experience in the art field with a legal element. Taught by our artisttoursgroup.com CCLS staff, this exciting and innovative LLM focuses on the legal aspects of doing business in the international art world. You’ll also be taught by members of the Institute of Art and Law and expert practitioners. The IAL offers, through its research, educational and publishing experience, a depth of knowledge of the art law field, more broadly conceived, unrivalled elsewhere.

This past year, we have also instituted a student workplace scheme for three students at a major London law firm, with particular expertise in art law. You also can take assurance from the fact that an art degree can also have applications in other domains and the creative industries. Some arts and crafts businesses can easily be run from home, selling goods by direct marketing or over the internet. If this is viable for your business, read up on marketing and find out how to set up a small business website. Your personal statement will be read very closely and we will be looking for a range of interests and extra-curricular activity. The collaborative nature of the creative industries however means that some of your modules will involve group work.


After reading these two blogs you are now obviously thinking, hang on, we’ve missed a huge trick here. I work with you to help you choose the right artwork for your workplace taking into account all the factors that are important to you and your strategic and business goals. What corporate image means and why it is so important for businesses to have a clearly defined and well expressed corporate image.

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