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The national ideology of Pancasila upholds belief in one god, but the world’s other major faiths are also formally recognised. Since independence in 1945, Indonesia’s brand of secular democracy continues to be contested by those who would prefer a larger role for Islam. The Printed Blog will look like a blog and appear with photographs and comments written by readers. Eventually, they will be able to log on to the site and decide which blogs they want in their neighbourhood paper – in a city like Chicago this could mean 50 separate editions! Its distributors will print them on commercial printers in their own homes and advertisers will be able to buy online but pay the premium for printed ads.

Meanwhile SnapChat has had success with its 24 hour Live Stories, crowdsourced collections of digital media from a specific location. Trump was elected, Brexit happened, there were repeated terror attacks in Europe, Aleppo was turned to rubble and David Bowie died. These were events that shook the world, but it was also a year in which the media itself became the news. Post-truth, the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year, reflects a world where “objective facts have become less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion”. Experts and commentators were denigrated and at least some the news itself turned out to be not just biased but fake. Some say the e-reader will boost newspaper revenues because ink, printing and delivery now eat up more than 50% of costs.

At the moment, they are black and white, but researchers are looking for ways to produce them in colour, without compromising quality, and offering video, without eating up battery life. When ads look as compelling on the e-reader as they do in print, this could provide a superior source of revenue compared with that available online. It is certainly a highly targeted form of media, but the work involved in such targeting could be overwhelming. The people involved might need exceptional dedication to produce so many niche products. Moreover, advertisers need to be convinced that the blogs are valued, and that their advertising efforts show a measurable return. Whenever there is a trend, in this case away from printing and towards blogging, there’s a bright spark who decides to buck it – and print blogs.

Redefining Publishers Relationship with Platforms

Controversy over the 2008 Electronic Information and Transactions Law continues, as NGOs and press freedom groups to press for its repeal. The law, intended to regulate e-commerce, introduced instead a range of vague and imprecise offences with draconian penalties, including arrest and detention. Any kind of electronic communication – including social media – is fair game under the law, as are all manner of ‘insults’ including blasphemy. Social media sites such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are extremely popular among users in Indonesia. Much attention has been directed at the use of social media to disseminate disinformation and hate speech.

  • With more than 200 car models integrating with either Apple Car Play or Android Auto in 2017.
  • New 24-hour channel France Info has had some success by importing formats from social media such as ‘draw my news’.
  • The promises of artificial intelligence have long been discussed; but tech leaders and research firms are now proclaiming that AI has a serious near-term future for businesses.
  • “Social media has fewer barriers, but the limits are still there for us” Second-year Journalism student Glwadys Beya writes about the effects of underrepresentation in media for ethnic minorities.

This was not true AI as humans write all the copy in the newsroom, but it sparked a new way of thinking about interacting with news on the phone and a host of imitators. More focus on algorithmic accountability, the use of data for targeting, and the power of technology companies. More papers in the US and Europe go out of business, slim down or become online-only. Broadcast media are licensed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission , both of which operate independently.

Degree requirementsBachelors degree from a public university with second-class lower division. We’ll make all reasonable efforts to provide you with the courses, services and facilities described in this prospectus. However, if we need to make material changes, for example due to significant disruption, or in response to COVID-19, we’ll let our students know as soon as possible. Coupled with this agenda we also have representatives from within the faculty acting as Ambassadors for the Women in Games initiative. These links allow our students to actively participate in events that encourage and promote engagement from women and girls in STEM related areas.

Hackers from Saudi Arabia and Iran have been engaging in tit for tat attacks on banks and government computers systems for much of the last year . Expect 2017 to be a year where there is far more focus on algorithmic accountability and more journalistic questioning of artificial intelligence, the use of data and the power of technology companies. As computers saliraganar.com increasingly select what news stories we receive, recommend where we eat, where we stay and how we travel there, there will be more demands for transparency, regulation and independent human oversight of the processes. The more fragmented media landscape is making it increasingly critical that television viewing is captured in a platform independent way.

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Beyond that they’ll be working on features to allow users to have better control of what appears in the news feed. Last year, we also highlighted the rise of the bots and the trend towards conversational journalism. In February, Quartz surprised everyone with its conversational app that behaved like a bot.

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Molly is hoping to progress her early career research further in the Autumn, by commencing a PhD course that will allow her to build on both her spatial and museological knowledge. Edge computing, where computing is done much closer to – or at – the source of data, is increasingly being seen as the answer, and is rapidly becoming an essential part of organisations’ strategies. Emily Bell wrote about the Narrative Science and Forbes partnership on the Guardian’s Media Blog last year, and asks whether robot reporting is “an apocalypse for the news industry”.

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