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Playing music: 5 Benefits of Music Course
Playing music: 5 Benefits of Music Course

Playing music- What exactly is music? Music according to the KBBI is the science or art of composing tones or sounds in sequences, combinations, and temporal relationships that produce a sound that has unity and is continuous.

Who doesn’t like music? Almost everyone loves music. Music can make us fall in love with a note or melody without paying attention to the lyrics. Without understanding the lyrics of the song, we can feel the emotions in it which can make us guess what the meaning of the song is so that even if we listen to music in a foreign language, we can still feel the emotions contained in the song.

Maybe now you only enjoy music as entertainment, there’s nothing wrong if you also try to play a musical instrument. Did you know that playing music can also make you feel entertained and have fun? In addition, music also has various other benefits. Let’s see as follows!

Reduce Stress

Music can actually reduce stress. How could that be? According to research, music can have a positive effect on the body and make your mind more relaxed. If you don’t believe it, try it when you are feeling stressed and tired, listen to your favorite music or music with a slow melody, and you will feel much better than before. Music is not only used as a medium for reducing daily stress, even in the medical field but music is also used as a therapeutic tool. If you need more information about health you can visit this site bakkerenleenheer

Increase Intelligence And Creativity

Intelligence and creativity are of course two different things. Not necessarily intelligent people are creative, and vice versa. However, if you study music, you can balance creativity with intelligence. For example, music can balance the work of the left and right brains; someone who can play music can read musical notation while playing a musical instrument because the work of their two brains is already balanced. Besides, music can make you a creative person. Once you’ve learned the basics of music and its notation, it can trigger you to try something new and more creative, like composing your own songs.

Media for Expression

Sometimes we like to play sad songs when we are sad and vice versa if we are in a happy state, we play upbeat or fast-tempo songs. Similar to playing music, music is used as a medium to express the emotions that you are feeling right now. By playing a musical instrument, we are able to express our emotions more precisely and are more felt by us.

Train Concentration and Perseverance

When we study music, we need concentration in order to focus on studying it well. In addition to requiring high concentration, learning music also requires patience to remain diligent in learning it and keep trying to play it until it runs smoothly. You must dedicate your mind and soul to what you are learning in order to succeed. Don’t forget to take a little of your time to keep practicing every day.

Studying Other Cultures

Have you ever liked something and wanted to learn to learn about it? For example, if you like Korean dramas, you will definitely try to learn Korean. It’s the same with music, if you like Western music, you will definitely try to learn it from starting to play it until you get to know the musical culture of the country. This will be more knowledge and can open your horizons. You can think more broadly and can take their positive culture to apply in everyday life.

Well, now you know the benefits of music, right? Music has a very positive influence on us. Therefore, learning music is very important. It is highly recommended for children to learn music from an early age because they will understand it faster. However, there is no age limit for learning music. If you want to learn it, why not?

Music knows no age. It’s never too late to learn, right? Remember the term “better late than never” which means it’s better late than not doing it at all, which will only lead to regret. If not from now when then?

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