Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Moco Museum Also Worth A Visit for A Younger Target Group
Moco Museum Also Worth A Visit for A Younger Target Group

If you are looking for an accessible museum, a museum that offers space to both older and younger guests and where you always find interesting exhibitions, then you should consider a visit to the Moco Museum. And although the museum does not charge the main prize, there is always a Moco Museum korting available. You already get a Moco Museum discount by ordering the tickets online. It is also possible to visit the museum in real life.

The first private mansion on Museumplein, the Moco Museum could not wish for a better location

In fact, the location alone is more than worth a visit. The Moco Museum is located on the Museumplein, where you will find the museum in the equally special villa Alsberg. This well-known mansion was designed in 1904 by Eduard Cuypers, a first cousin of the well-known architect Pierre Cuypers. The mansion was one of the first private houses to be located on the Museumplein. The mansion is still very beautiful and also the best imaginable location for the Moco Museum.

Already a firm foot in the art world

The Moco Museum is a private museum. You will find modern, contemporary art there. The aim of the museum is to make modern and contemporary art accessible to the widest possible audience, including young people. The museum has gained a firm foothold in the art world, having only opened its doors in 2016. That says a lot about what this museum has to offer.

Interesting exhibitions and don’t forget to check out the outdoor area

Immediately after the opening of the museum, various artists showed themselves in the best way. There have already been exhibitions by Roy Lichtenstein, the first exhibitor, Icy & Sot, Daniel Arsham, Yayoi Kusama, JR Room and Studio Irma. The last exhibition of Studio Irma was a special one, by the way. It was a digital art exhibition with plenty of room for modern technology. In addition to the artists who show the best of their works, the outdoor space of Moco Museum is always worth a visit. That space has also been beautifully filled in by a number of artists. So from now on you can combine a visit to Amsterdam with a visit to the Moco Museum. Look online for a nice Moco Museum discount and consider an arrangement with a visit to the museum and a nice boat tour. Then you are sure to have a very nice afternoon.

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