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As a rule colour is more expensive than mono , although digital printing is not so sensitive to colour/price differences. Early sophistication of website design enabled user ‘interaction’; this has now made way for ‘virtual’ experiences. There is little point in spending a lot of money on a very well targeted and cost-effective campaign if what you communicate does not motivate your audience to read and take action. Business people very commonly overlook this and assume that fine points of detail (which only you know, and which the agency can’t guess) can be clarified or corrected or inserted later in the design stage. Well, such corrections can of course be made later, but at a big cost and nuisance.

  • Ask to place your business cards in other local businesses and make sure to always carry some with you to hand out.
  • It could be to visit your website or store, sign up for your mailing list, engage with your brand on social media, or use a promotional code.
  • In this module you will focus on the ways in which the performance of the marketing function can be assessed by organisations.
  • The objective of both marketing and advertising is to inform consumers about products and services with the shared aim of driving consumers to make a purchase.

Keep it simple, easy to read, and avoid anything off-the-wall or extravagant. Use a format that is cost-effective and amenable to your method of distribution. Read your local newspapers to see the sort of issues that create big headlines locally, and read national papers and news websites to see the sort of issues which can reflect very negatively on organisations. You’ll learn something about your market and create a significant opportunity for free publicity. Read newspapers and magazines and you will soon see examples – even in the national broadsheets.

Advertising to Build Awareness or to Generate Response

If you’re gathering, storing or using information about customers or potential customers, you must also protect their data. If you are really successful in designing and promoting and running effective events you can find that the event itself can become a chargeable ‘product’ for your business, or in some cases actually becomes the main part of your business. Designing and running a free (or very low ‘token’ cost) training or information event is a proven and very effective way to generate new business and customers. Well designed and implemented surveys always produce a positive effect for the organisation.

You may need planning permission for some types of outdoor advertising, ie most posters and some types of signs. Local cinema advertising offers a captive audience with a long dwell time for your advertisements. This guide gives advice on where and how to advertise, and what advertising can achieve.

If you use an agency check their progress soon after they start, and again at suitable intervals, depending on the size of the exercise. Again don’t wait until the end to discover there was a problem that should have been fixed at the start. If you test the survey, obviously refine the questions and structure and survey methods appropriately. Obviously to develop an effective questionnaireyou must firstdefine exactly what you wish to discover. Start by establishing the information you seek to learn, and then build your questions, and select the respondents accordingly. If you employ and/or supply people it is important to know they think about your organisation/business, and what they need from you.

The Plan

Somehow you should find and be able to offer newness or originality in your product/services offerings. The more and better you can be seen as new and original, then the more enquiries and business you will attract. A particular example of bad business and bad marketing is making ‘cold’ telephone calls and pretending that the call is about a survey, or an ‘opportunity’ rather than being honest immediately about the purpose of your call. Whether you are marketing to private consumers or to businesses and other large organisations be fair and reasonable. More details about Data Protection rules are at theInformation Commissioner’s Office. An increasing number of networking communities and services are now to be found on the internet too.

Do something great on social media

Marketing and advertising work closely together in the marketplace and often get confused, but they are two very different processes. Marketing is a process of communication, exchange of information, understanding of customers, and meeting customers’ needs and wants to buy a product or service. Advertising hutchisonandmaul.com is a way of making a sale; it is the paid, public, non-personal message conveyed through mass media. It’s a way of reaching a target audience with a message that makes them want to spend money on your product or service. Using telemarketing staff or a telemarketing agency is a proven method of marketing.

For a lot of businesses marketing and PR is often seen to have one ultimate goal – drive sales. Links naturally to the products and services you seek to sell afterwards. Imagine and maybe ask your potential customers what sort of event they would find helpful.

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