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By the end of 1994 the Web had 10m users worldwide, and Sir Tim left CERN to join MIT and found the International World Wide Web Consortium. Computers that are directly connected to the internet can communicate with each other and send and receive information. The internet is a wire buried in the ground – surprisingly analogue, right?

  • The main strength of the browser is its reduced system resources…
  • The internet is a wire buried in the ground – surprisingly analogue, right?
  • Routers help computers handle packets through ports, which co-ordinate and distribute packets like a post office sorts through post.
  • The terms ‘World Wide Web’ and ‘internet’ are often confused.
  • The library service is willing to consider releasing any such site after careful checking.

In 1990, Berners-Lee developed Hypertext Transfer Protocol and designed the Universal Resource Identifier system. HTTP is the language computers use to communicate HTML documents over the internet, and the URI, also known as a URL, provides a unique address where the pieforthepeople.net pages can be easily found. The terms ‘World Wide Web’ and ‘internet’ are often confused. The internet is the networking infrastructure that connects devices together, while the World Wide Web is a way of accessing information through the medium of the internet.

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In NAPs traffic, packets have the provision to jump from one NSP to the backbone of another NSP. Metropolitan Area Exchange are also interconnected utilizing NSPs. MAEs and NAPs have the same functionality; however, MAEs are owned privately. When the packets cross the phone framework and nearby ISP equipment, it is redirected to the ISP’s mainline or infrastructure from which the ISP purchases bandwidth. The packets typically pass from here to many routers, backbones, unique lines, and other networks to reach the target, the device with another computer’s address.

As the internet is a network of networks, therefore a good structure is present. The internet structure is built up of packets and routers as a whole the traffic is depending upon them. We will recall a few questions here to get useful insights from this article. The lowermost layer illustrates a local area network on both ends where several computers are connected. A router is a device that is a sort of bridge between the networks for routing the packets among them. Routers are familiar with all the sub-networks and the IP address used inside the connected networks.

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Did you know that more than two billion people use the internet? A computer network describes a group of computers that are joined together and the internet is just one giant computer network. All of the computers with an internet connection are linked and can share information with one another.

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