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The definition of painting media is the material used as a form of art or material to paint the work. If we previously discussed glass painting and its history, there are still many kinds of painting media and other painting techniques that can be explored.

There are many painting media used in painting, besides canvas. Examples are glass engraving paintings, mosaic paintings from wood, and so on.

Of course, different media will require different ways of painting and different tools.


Basically all materials that can bind paint pigments can be used as painting media. Famous painters of the Renaissance such as Leonardo da Vinici and Michaelangelo even created a new painting technique by sprinkling paint powder onto still wet plaster.

Not only thanks to the development of techniques, the discovery of new materials also led to the emergence of new painting media. For example, the glass sheet which was first created in the 14th century was used as a painting medium after the discovery of paint in Italy.

Not to mention local developments such as the Java area which creates cultural patterns and paintings on cloth.

Of the many painting media, this article will discuss some that are often used.

Canvas Painting Media

Canvas is a special woven fabric that is plain and has high durability.

This type of fabric is very commonly used in various fields because it is difficult to tear, for example for ship sails, tents, bags, and so on.

In the world of art, canvas can be called the prima donna of traditional painting media. Various schools of painting use canvas as the main medium, such as Naturalism, Realism, Romanticism, Cubism, Impressionism and many more.

Unlike paper, which is easily damaged, paintings made on canvas tend to last a long time. Even up to hundreds of years if you get the right treatment.

Canvas is usually used for painting after being coated with a primer to prevent the oil paint from being absorbed by the fibers of the fabric. How to prepare it is quite easy.

First prepare the fabric you want to use and spread it on the spanram (span frame). Don’t forget to put nails / staples on the edges of the frame when doing this, so that the fabric can be stretched tightly.

how to prepare canvas painting media
To make the base coat, you can use wall paint and wood glue. Mix with a dose of 1 (wall paint): 2 (wood glue), then add enough water.

Make sure the mixture is runny, the canvas layer may crack as it dries if the mixture is thick. Wait for it to dry, then repeat the coating process 2 times.

After the process is complete, the canvas is ready to be used for painting.

Mural Painting Media

Mural is a method of painting that is usually done on walls. So this branch of art uses walls/walls or similar permanent surfaces to create paintings.

There are many genres of art that use walls as a medium of expression. This has been done since the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raphael are some of the historic painters who worked using this medium.

There are many great Italian works painted on wall media, for example the painting The Creation of Adam (as in the picture above), The Last Supper painting, and the painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Moreover, not only in Europe, but mural painting is also a custom in various cultures in the world, for example China and India.

In modern times, the use of mural painting has grown with new tools such as spray paint, new genres such as graffiti, or various painting techniques on walls that can create unique textures.

However, the shift in culture has caused mural art to be used more by young people for negative self-expression. For example, carelessly scribbling on the walls in the city without the owner’s permission (vandalism).

Mosaic Painting Media

Mosaic painting is interesting because it is a painting medium as well as its raw material.

An example is patchwork, mosaic artwork created by arranging materials of various colors. When viewed, the arrangement of these colors will form a beautiful painting.

The materials used for mosaic painting can vary. Starting from the standard such as pieces of cloth, broken glass, beads to chunks of stone and logs. If you are looking for information about business please visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

Any material and media can be made into a mosaic painting, as long as you are willing to explore it.

Glass Painting Media

As a painting medium, glass has its own place for the Indonesian people. It is proven by the existence of areas that are famous for their glass paintings, such as Cirebon and Bali. Even glass painting has become a hereditary culture for the residents of the area.

What is unique about glass as a painting medium is that it must use reverse painting techniques. Since the glass is painted on the back surface, the right and left sides will be reversed in the final result.

In addition to the right and left sides, the order of cultivation must be reversed. So the painter will start from the most detailed main object, then apply the background on it. When the final result is finished, the main object will appear to be in front of the background.

In its development, glass painting is not only made using paints and brushes. It can also be made with glass engraving or glass carving techniques.

This type of engraved glass craft is usually used as decorative glass for windows and doors of houses or mosques.

Although it is often referred to as carved glass, this art glass is not made using a chisel or carving knife like Jepara wood carving.

Engraved glass is made by firing special sand to “scratch” the surface of the glass or termed the glass sandblasting method. The craftsman will adjust the use of sandblasting so that it can form the desired engraved glass design.

In contrast to flower glass which is made by arranging pieces of glass that are glued together using a metal frame, the manufacture of engraved glass is fast and practical.

This makes the price of engraved glass per meter from craftsmen usually more affordable than the work of stained glass.

Batik Painting Media

Batik is a cloth medium that is especially drawn using wax and a color dyeing process.

As you know, the art of batik is a typical Indonesian art that is well known throughout the world. But what you may not know is that batik is also used as a medium and method of painting by some reliable Indonesian artists.

In contrast to ordinary batik, batik painting is more expressive and free because it tries to get out of the usual pattern of batik. In addition, batik painting is made by painting directly, without any process of preparing the patterns that you want to draw first.

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