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Discrepancies between the two reviewers were resolved through discussion, leading to full agreement on the inclusion and exclusion of articles based on the pre-defined criteria. Köksal Akyol reported no experimental effects on intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence measures. In fact, effect sizes calculated from the data provided in the article suggest a small effect on interpersonal intelligence in the opposite direction as expected. Three studies conducted by Walsh-Bowers and colleagues (Walsh-Bowers, 1992; Walsh-Bowers and Basso, 1999) assessing social skill development in adolescents in a drama program showed mixed results. There were generally no effects on self-rating scales of confidence in social situations, except for one small effect on self-rated cooperation (Walsh-Bowers and Basso, 1999; Study 1).

For you to obtain the postgraduate degree of MA Arts and Leaning you will need to complete 180 credits at Masters level. ‘The power of applause in this context is really something, because it’s both a metaphor and practical thing in that people who’ve gone through the prison service will have lived a life without it. But she feels this is wrong, especially as her classes have seen non-verbal children miraculously sing and those with trauma find ways to begin healing.

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We welcome many international students every year – there are currently students from more than 80 countries among our student community. The Big Barn project helps schools and their pupils become the centre of a sustainable, healthy, inclusive, food community, with the children learning about how much fun – and how delicious – home grown produce is. Funders of arts-based education should support and encourage stronger relationships between practitioners and the research and evaluation community.

  •  The evidence for integrating multi-arts for primary school children is weak largely because the positive studies found were small scale or lacked randomisation.
  • Government plans to defund arts higher education are detrimental to both the UK’s economy and its future.
  • A US study exploring how high-quality and integrated arts education programme adds value to school-wide reform.
  • We offer further information on the financial support available for postgraduate study.

I am sure that covid has highlighted the role that Arts play in our personal wellbeing and feeling good certainly puts you in the frame of mind to learn better and more. Arts in the working environment shared and enjoyed by teams I am sure leads to better outcomes. It is also important to acknowledge the role the arts play for adult learners of all ages. As a scientist and educator I studied textiles when I retired and now exhibit around the world. Taught jointly by the Departments of Anthropology and Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies, this MA offers a stimulating synthesis of theory and practice.

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We also respond to teachers’ interest in having more opportunities to develop their skills and professional practice in teaching through the arts, and in understanding their pivotal role in creating and delivering an arts-rich curriculum and school environment. Applicants are expected to have some previous experience of the creative arts in education . This might include simply having attended arts classes yourself or having volunteered to assist in arts education settings, or you may be experienced in some form of arts-based teaching or facilitation. We are looking for students who are actively interested in creative arts education; we aim to start with your own experience and to develop this through the course. Our students come from diverse phases and sectors in the field of art and design education and the expanded fields of gallery, community and self organised educational practices.

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These have been devised to appropriately assess the range of learning outcomes and are underpinned by the ethos of the programme these include, exhibition/presentation/performance, essay, viva voce. ‘Arts can play a hugely important role in children and young people’s education and development, and can shape who they grow up to be. ‘When we talk about drama for young people, we’re looking at the development of the brain,’ he says.

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