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Music training may also positively affect math outcomes ; however, there was a too-large range of effects in a small number of studies to draw definitive conclusions. The same was true for dance, with some evidence found for effects on visual-spatial skills, but again based on a small number of studies (Keinänen et al., 2000). Evidence for the effects of the arts on creativity transfer could not be found (Moga et al., 2000).

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  • The following discussion of the second research question will also debate the choice of outcomes and methods for their assessment.
  • For interpersonal outcomes, positive results with medium and large effects were reported for music training on the related concepts of empathy and sympathy as well as prosocial behavior.
  • Finally, with respect to intrapersonal outcomes, the suggested positive effects of music on self-esteem and of visual arts on self-efficacy were based only on single studies, which precludes a general conclusion.
  • In the final stage of the course, for the Faculty wide Major Project, you will write either a dissertation of 10,000-12,000 words or you will develop work for exhibition at the end of year MA show supported by a smaller amount of text.

As with music students, self-rated aggression scores among drama students seemed to increase in comparison to a non-treatment control group over time (Rickard et al., 2012, Study 2). However, the group × time interaction was only marginally significant, and the effect was only interpreted based on descriptive statistics of the three groups at pre- and post-test. Hence, the integration of qualitative methods into field experiments seems to be a promising approach. As the above examples illustrate, the combination of observation of classroom sessions and interviews of students and teachers within a field experiment enables a fuller elaboration of the mechanisms and complexities in arts education. First, observations allow the study of processes in the classroom, the in-depth analysis of program characteristics and nuances in the delivery, engagement and relationships in the classroom. Thus, the nature of experiences and specific ingredients of programs can be more fully understood and compared.

We want you to be deeply engaged with theory and practice to develop and sustain your ideas and practices as artist-teachers. This degree has partnerships with international galleries including Tate Modern, the Whitechapel Gallery and the Showroom Gallery. All staff have extensive experience in schools and other educational organisations, and some are practising artists in their own right.

Dan cut his teeth at jazz and world music development agency, Jazzeast, before moving to Bournemouth in 2002 to set up.. Our final report provides a summary of and response to the EEF-published evaluation reports. In addition to detailed suggestions of what practitioners in the education and cultural sectors can learn from these evaluations, our paper makes three high-level recommendations for policymakers and practitioners.

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Cathy is an artist, writer and academic whose work is concerned with how art can be created and distributed in collaborative partnerships and through the creation of commons. Her work seeks to understand the experience of contemporary conditions through social practice and is realised as digital video, print, installation, public art, publication,… The first core modules- Narratives of Art & Design Education encourage students to develop related research ideas relevant to their particular interests and aspirations. Your postgraduate personal statement is going to shine a light on your personal experience, academic success, personal skills and any other factors that will support your application for further study. You will be supported by a highly professional staff team, doctoral researchers, technical demonstrators and artists in residence in a innovative, creative and supportive environment. The course offers opportunities to connect with and expand your knowledge of your creative field through collaboration, live projects and visits that explore educational situations and projects.

In 2013, a review published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development updated and extended the findings of REAP (Winner et al., 2013) by including evaluations of behavioral and social outcomes. Evidence from quasi-experimental and experimental studies indicated social and behavioral benefits of drama, such as empathy, emotion regulation, and perspective-taking. Effects of music training were found on academic performance as well as intelligence, word decoding and phonological skills. There were also indications of a beneficial effect of music on language learning, but limited support for an effect on visual-spatial reasoning.

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Whilst the full impact of the current pandemic is unclear, we are in no doubt about the immediate challenges that many of the organisations and people we fund, and the individuals and communities they support, are facing. The campus is one of the most beautiful in the country and offers a unique environment in which to study, with lakes, parkland, woodland and gardens as well as modern and historical buildings. Professor Vukusic’s research explores how light is manipulated in the natural world, and Sam is a specialist in photography who works in schools with his Camera Obscura. The event was a collaboration between the University of Exeter’s Graduate School of Education and College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences and run with the help of PhD Physics students and the Creative Arts students. This Masterclass was also run in association with the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Physics Masterclass Programme.

‘Think about being at school – maybe there weren’t enough keyboards, so people had to share, or only a certain number of people were able to study drama at GCSE. Undergraduate Overseas tuition fees for International students are not subject to the Government’s regulations on maximum tuition fees. In addition, the University reserves the right to increase all full-time and part-time Undergraduate tuition fees mid-course, in line with any further inflationary increase in the Government tuition fee cap which is approved by Parliament.

Whilst we cannot promise success, we are happy to work with students to support them in this way where appropriate. The flexibility of this programme means it is ideal for students from a range of subject, professional and career backgrounds including teachers, lecturers, administrators, education advisors, or other related professions. A US study exploring how high-quality and integrated arts education programme adds value to school-wide reform. Evaluates and illustrates how 44 schools used creative approaches to learning, together with the impact on pupils’ achievement and personal development. Culture Case-A UK resource identifying studies that describe the educational impact of engaging in arts and culture. Birmingham City University is a vibrant and multicultural university in the heart of a modern and diverse city.

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