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Key challenges around achieving ‘Net-Zero’ targets are also introduced, including the basic technical, economic and policy challenges related to decarbonisation of transport and heat in buildings. The aim of the module is to enable students to design and analyse practical analogue and digital electronic circuits and systems. Provide students with knowledge of professional skills along with opportunities for their career development using Personal Best. Provide students with knowledge of introductory-level Systems Engineering approaches, tools and techniques, used in the design and development of engineered systems. Provide a project-based learning environment in which students can respond to project briefs and gain ongoing feedback from teaching and technical staff, as well as each other. Embedded systems are found in mobile phones, games consoles, car engine management systems, traffic lights, and wireless routers, to name but a few.

Further information is available on the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s website. Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships is a programme of scholarships offered by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Scottish universities. Our chosen scholars are people who aspire to become influential leaders in their future careers. They have wide ranging interests outside their studies and a desire to broaden their personal and academic experience in Scotland. Saltire Scholars will also have the opportunity to take part in a programme of activities over and above their studies, including dialogue with the academic and business community in Scotland.

Year 3 Level

There are four open days every year, usually in June, July, September and October. You can talk to staff and students, tour the campus and see inside the accommodation. We are home to the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre and have research contracts with major institutions like the European Space Agency, as well as our many academic and industrial partners. This tells you the aims and learning outcomes of this course and how these will be achieved and assessed.

Students who have studied 1 or 2 A Levels alongside the Apolyterion would normally be required to obtain high grades in their A Level exams along with an average mark of between 17.0 and 19.0 in the Apolyterion. Where courses have specific subject requirements, these should be taken as A Levels. For students taking theYlioppilastutkinto / Studentexamen, typical offer requirements would normally be based on achievement in best 4 subjects. Offers will typically be expressed as four letter grades ranging fromMMMM toLEEE. Where courses have specific subject requirements, a score of 4 or 5 will normally be required in each.

Our services includes flexible IT support, professional IT project delivery and expert technical advice. With flexible approach, we can act as a client’s IT department, or supplement an existing IT function. This module is an introduction to the design needs and software/hardware solutions to modern immersive capture, storage, mixing, rendering and presentation systems. Students will learn how VR/AR systems are constructed and the audio visual technology behind them. Where a course specifies subject-specific requirements at A-level, T-level applicants are likely to be asked to offer this A-level alongside their T-level studies. In this module you will develop an understanding of a range of renewable energy generation concepts.

  • AI holds the potential to better lives across our Nation through increased economic prosperity, improved educational opportunities and quality of life, and enhanced security.
  • Students will appraise an array of methods used to provide virtual storage and network virtualisation.
  • Our Student Hub is where you’ll find out about the services and support we offer, helping you get the best out of your time with us.
  • You’ll also be able to access MS Teams and Zoom through your university account.
  • As course leader, he is active with student teaching and learning, supporting student engagement and participation, and promoting employability and partnerships with industry and professional bodies.

At ABS, our range of services gives businesses all they need for smooth operations online and offline. We have around the clock support, cloud-based back-up systems, cyber-security and a friendly team that will look after your IT needs. The boundaries between technology and the physical world are rapidly vanishing, creating a new ecosystem in which socio-technical experiences that enhance our interaction with the world we live in are becoming our natural environment. New AI tools and techniques are developed to ensure that these networks are self-healing and self-optimised. The institute creates a research, education, knowledge transfer and workforce development environment that will help establish U.S. leadership in next-generation edge networks and distributed AI for many decades to come. In 2019, NSF in collaboration with multiple federal agencies and industrial partners, launched the National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes program to fund a series of AI research centres across the Nation.

We Provide software, Hardware and IT Support

By studying a course with a professional accreditation, you could have the chance to get workplace experience, learn about new developments in the industry and apply for membership with the accrediting body. You may also be able to apply for jobs in the industry without having to do any more exams. Occasionally we make changes to our programmes in response to, for example, feedback from students, developments in research and the field of studies, and the requirements of accrediting bodies. You will be advised of any significant changes to the advertised programme, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, information about courses starting in the 22/23 academic year may be subject to change.

Common equivalent English language qualifications

T levels are not considered suitable preparation for this degree programme and are therefore not accepted for entry. If you require advice on how you may academically prepare to study this degree or present with a mix of qualifications, you should contact our Admissions Progression Team at admissions- Combine electronic engineering expertise with advanced knowledge of computer hardware and software skills to develop the computer systems of the future.

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