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We offer further information on the financial support available for postgraduate study. You may also be able to take advantage of government-backed loans of up to £11,570 for postgraduate study. All students can sign up to the online learning language platform for free through the Graduate+ scheme. However, you can borrow a laptop from the university or use one of our shared computer rooms. The University has put in place measures in response to Covid-19 to allow us to safely deliver our courses.

  • Pursue your interests within the expanded field of arts education through research and practice.
  • We began the Learning About Culture project in 2017, interested to discover if we could help improve access to the arts by demonstrating how they make a difference to academic attainment.
  • The Educational Studies Building offers a wide range of seminar and larger teaching rooms designed for flexibility and practical work, and two IT/ICT suites with state-of-the-art computer equipment.
  • Curious Minds strives to improve the lives of children and young people by connecting them with the very best arts, culture and creative learning opportunities.
  • After title and abstract screening, the full texts of the 54 remaining articles were screened, and 23 articles reporting a total of 25 studies were retained.
  • Pilot studies, or efficacy trials, could be conducted to improve the evidence base for these interventions.

For you to obtain the postgraduate degree of MA Arts and Leaning you will need to complete 180 credits at Masters level. ‘The power of applause in this context is really something, because it’s both a metaphor and practical thing in that people who’ve gone through the prison service will have lived a life without it. But she feels this is wrong, especially as her classes have seen non-verbal children miraculously sing and those with trauma find ways to begin healing.

The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author and the copyright owner are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. The original contributions presented in the study are included in the article/Supplementary Material, further inquiries can be directed to the corresponding author/s. Youth Music believe everyone should have the chance to make music, unfortunately many kids face challenges in their lives. We are an Artsmark Partner which has been designed to align with School Improvement Plans and support core EBACC and STEM priorities, giving the curriculum breadth and balance.

One experimental study with an untreated control group evaluated the effect of a 2-hour long weekly drama class with a total duration of 12 weeks on measures of intelligence (Köksal Akyol, 2018). The following narrative summary of included studies is structured into two sections. The first section summarizes effects on outcomes relating to the DeSeCo categories using tools interactively, and the second section reports the outcomes on the “soft” skill outcomes in the categories interacting in socially heterogonous groups, acting autonomously and reflectiveness. Our study responded to a) the fact that some advocates for the arts in schools claim a causal connection and b) an indication that a fixation on attainment in the education system seems to have caused some schools to decrease their provision in the arts.

This also enables part-time and full-time students to attend the same evening teaching sessions and therefore form a collaborative and supportive learning environment. To enable greater flexibility for you and more equitable experience for full-time and part-time students, the MA Arts and Learning programme has a modular structure, with the majority of teaching sessions usually conducted in the evenings. However, with an education system that sees drama, art, music and other creative disciplines as ‘soft’, the vital life skills that are fostered here get downplayed. Practice assessments are developmental and any grades you receive for them do not count towards your module mark. Assessment methods include a range of coursework assessments such as reflections, essays, reports, portfolios, performance, presentations and reports on projects. We encourage you to explore creativity and discover how the arts impact our lives and education, bringing together open-mindedness and broad but critical thinking across a range of real-world themes and topics.


‘This opinion is so pervasive that it’s even being told to children while they’re studying. Students with an Overseas fee status will be eligible for an International student Scholarship fee discount of £1,500, which will be applied to all Full-time Undergraduate courses with a tuition fee of £14,500. There are either one or two components to an assignment for each module (amounting to 100% of the whole module assignment). Most of our team members are research-active and have experience in delivering research-informed teaching. You will undertake a further 15 hours of independent learning and assessment activity each week. Your module tutor will direct you towards specific readings and/or activities to complete before class.

You will benefit from our active research culture, which promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge to encourage innovation. Our research centres provide a focus for research and discussion for academic staff, researchers and practitioners, and organise seminar series, visiting speakers, conferences and other events. This will either consist of taught modules to the value of 120 credits and a dissertation worth 60 credits, or a combination of modules, dissertation and accredited prior learning or experience.

Twenty-four articles reporting on 26 evaluation studies were eligible for inclusion, and their results were reviewed in terms of art domains and outcome categories. By summarizing the limitations of the current (quasi-)experimental research, the application of experimental designs is critically assessed and a combination with qualitative methods in mixed-method designs and choice of relevant outcomes discussed. Furthermore, the selected inclusion and exclusion criteria pose some limitations with implications for the interpretation of the results. First, the small number of quantitative evaluation studies in the field made it impractical to further narrow the selection down based on additional, albeit important design (e.g., randomization, sample size, follow-up duration) or context characteristics (e.g., age group). Consequently, the heterogeneity of the included studies with regard to these aspects limited the conclusions that could be drawn across them. Additionally, the criteria generated only a very small number of eligible studies for most art domains except music.

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We found that arts-rich education doesn’t stand in the way of children’s attainment, even if we don’t have compelling evidence that it improves it. But we also found that if we really want to understand the value of the arts in school and how to do them well, we need to move away from holding them accountable for things that are difficult/ impossible to evidence and contrary to the expectations of practitioners. This programme will enhance your understanding of educational theory and practice by focusing on issues of culture, language and identity, and is taught by internationally-renowned experts.

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The initiative was found to have a strong, positive effect on the writing outcomes of low attaining pupils. Anddefined pedagogies that have the biggest impact of pupils’ academic, social, artistic and emotional progress. The researchers from the University of Nottingham and Goldsmith College London identified 5 Creative Habits of Mind.

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