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Art to School: 8 Benefits of Art Exhibition Activities at School
Art to School: 8 Benefits of Art Exhibition Activities at School

Art exhibitions are activities that are usually organized by artists to show their works of art and ideas from these works of art to the public.

Art exhibitions are held to serve as a liaison between the ideas of an artist and appreciators (people who appreciate works of art).

Therefore, this activity is not only held in an art gallery but can also be held in schools. This is because art exhibitions have a number of benefits for students.

What are the benefits of art exhibition activities? Check out the explanation below.

Definition of Art Exhibition Activities

Quoting from the Book of Cultural Arts (Russian Arts) Package C Equivalent to SMA/MA Class XII published by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the following is the definition of art exhibition activities, especially visual arts according to experts:

Myers B

Explained that an exhibition is an activity that involves one room, usually a gallery or council, and exhibits works of art such as paintings, paintings, prints, statues, carvings, photographs, and ready-made works.

Ardi Irwanto

Explained that exhibitions are a way to visually present works of art, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

Types of Art Exhibition Activities

The exhibition held must have the types of exhibitions according to the form of the organization. Here are some types of art exhibition activities, Such as:

  1. Solo exhibitions are exhibitions that they do individually and usually only show one type of art.
  2. A group of artists with the same idea usually do or organize a type of exhibition activity called a group exhibition
  3. Retrospective exhibitions are exhibitions that they do by showing the journey of an artist in his work individually.
  4. Design exhibitions, Such as exhibitions in the form of designs or handicraft products such as crafts, furniture, and similar products.

Art Exhibition Activities at School

Professionals usually hold art exhibitions, but students who have the ability and interest in the arts can also organize them. Then, at the end of the semester or in commemoration of major holidays to mark the school year. The school holds an art exhibition

Benefits of art Exhibition Activities at School

As explained earlier, exhibition activities in schools certainly have a number of benefits for students. Here are some of the benefits of exhibition activities in schools, such as:

  1. Growing and improving students’ ability to appreciate other people’s works of art
  2. Increase insight and ability in providing a more objective evaluation of the work.
  3. Practice group work or the ability to cooperate with others.
  4. Strengthening social experiences through the sense of community they get.
  5. Train students to be responsible and independent.
  6. Train students to make work plans to carry out what they have planned.
  7. Generating motivation in creating art.
  8. As a place to entertain and refresh students who experience boredom studying in class.

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