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8 Benefits of Learning Art for Children
8 Benefits of Learning Art for Children

Learning Art- Children studying art? Why not. Moreover, for children, there are various benefits that they can get through learning art.

Child psychologist Jovita Ferliana M.Psi said that art education can facilitate creativity and problem-solving abilities in children. Even in the millennial era, it is not impossible that art plays an important role in terms of job opportunities.

Jovita said, there are 8 benefits that children can get when they study art, namely:


Jovita said that with creativity, children can spill all the ideas they have. Even ideas like what children want to make today. That way, it will hone the creativity of children.

Learn to work together

Art is closely related to expression. When we begin to express ourselves, it becomes easier for others to see our abilities. Well, complementing each other with other people can be one of the main assets to hone the ability to integrate and work together.


Learning art can train children to express themselves. When children start using doing that their self-confidence will grow. So, children dare to get out of their comfort zone in order to face problems.


“By learning art, children are trained to be able to solve their problems,” said Jovita. If you need more information about computers you can visit this site ntt-infolead

Practice diligently

Like other fields of science, studying art also requires perseverance. Especially when the results are not as expected. This is where children learn not to give up and stay persistent.


Learning art can make children learn new things so they don’t feel bored with the monotony of everyday life. Especially when learning art, children also need to work on details well in order to hone their focus skills.

Receive Positive Feedback

When work is given feedback or input, children will learn to accept it. Then, he can learn from his previous mistakes, Bun.


By learning art or art, children will do things in detail. Well, this indirectly trains children to be responsible because everything has to be detailed.

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