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If you personally cannot afford a lawyer – but your spouse has money – the situation is different. Your spouse may agree to help with your living costs and legal fees to help resolve things quickly. If your spouse refuses, you can apply to the court for maintenance pending suit. This means that your spouse has to support you until a final financial settlement has been agreed.

  • Our dedicated team of solicitors will be there to help you gain answers and compensation.
  • If your spouse refuses, you can apply to the court for maintenance pending suit.
  • Many people rarely consider the implications of divorce on pensions, this specialist area has been discussed by our expert team in our Treatment of Pensions on Divorce podcast.
  • Civil Partnerships in England and Wales must meet at least one of 4 different reasons as to why the partnership has broken down.
  • This is because sensitive information will often arise during the consultation that could be used against the spouse.

Unless you have entered into a co-habitation agreement your legal rights will be limited. It is important to remember that your family lawyer is there to help and guide you. If you’re the relative of someone deceased, then you have the right to a lawyer representation during an inquest. Our highly experienced medical negligence lawyers are able to assist and advise you so that you and your family gain answers and receive the best possible outcome. A solicitor will also give you a clear understanding of what you might expect as a financial settlement ie how to divide the assets from the marriage.

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Solicitors are obliged to give you information at regular intervals about how much the costs are. Public Funding is rarely available in family cases now and Curwens no longer operate a Public Funding franchise in any event. No matter what stage of life’s journey you are at, Curwens can support all of perdana4peace your legal needs. In order to obtain a divorce order it is not necessary to commence separation proceedings first. There was a high profile case in the news recently where two women won a Supreme Court fight on the basis that their ex-husbands hadn’t declared their true worth at the time of divorce.

Our highly experienced criminal solicitors have many years of experience representing clients within court or at police stations. Sometimes disputes with business partner can occur over the sale of a jointly owned property, our commercial property experts know how to protect your interests. If you’ve been let down by a trusted professional advisor you will have options available to you. Our professional negligence solicitors are quick, responsive and know how to advise on the key issues of your claim. We are experienced at representing individuals at inquiries established to investigate a wide range of matters.

Forming a civil partnership as a couple, is a legally recognised relationship. In the same way as with marriage, you are able to protect your assets should the relationship breakdown. This is done through a pre-civil agreement which we are able to guide you through the process of. Our specialist family lawyers are highly experienced in leave to remove applications. The quickest timescale for obtaining a divorce is between 4-6 months and this is because there is a six week court imposed block within the process.

The most obvious conflict of interest in the divorce setting would be when one lawyer agreed to represent both parties. This is generally always prohibited and any ethical lawyer would refuse to represent both clients. However, conflicts of interest can also arise in more subtle ways during a divorce. This area of law has seen significant legislative changes over recent years, and many cases have sought to challenge existing laws. For clear and definitive advice on this subject, it is best to speak to one of our international divorce law experts and explain your circumstances to them. Choosing where to get a divorce is an important decision because the laws around separation – such as how to divide assets or arrange childcare – vary from country to country.

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Whether you have a formal DIVORCE through the courts, or a private DEED OF SEPARATION you will need some advice to ensure you are protected appropriately throughout. Suing a foreign company requires service of process through the processes set forth in the Hague Convention. It is imperative that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible to help you decide on a course of action. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your situation and the appropriate direction for your legal action.

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That’s why we’ve put together this list of 31 questions to ask your divorce lawyer. Our team at Simpson Millar can help you with your Personal Injury claim and also help you with divorce advice. If you received compensation before your marriage, you can put a prenup agreement into place, which should protect your compensation. You could also consider making a postnuptial agreement if you are already married. We offer an initial fixed fee appointment which many of our clients find useful to gather further information about the divorce process, the particular issues of your case and an initial view on likely outcomes. This is because sensitive information will often arise during the consultation that could be used against the spouse.

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